Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

Doing hair removal either via shaving or epilating has many challenges. These include cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs that are that usually plague the skin as a result of shaving and soreness and redness of the skin that are caused by waxing. Asides from all these challenges, it also consumes much of our most precious gift which is time. And you will have to continue to repeat the process if you are to always look flawless.

In search of a permanent solution to hair removal challenges, Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X came along the way. Asides from having the approval of FDA because it makes use of laser technology, this device is exclusively home use. With this hair removal laser product in place, its farewell to salons, razors, and other types of hair removal devices.

This device is home use, which means you can use it on all parts of your body including your face at your comfort zone. After each treatment with Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser device, your hair will grow slower, thinner and lighter. The most important thing about this device is that with continuous use, you will reach a point where that unwanted hair will stop growing.

Despite the efficiency of IPL technology when it comes to removing unwanted hair on the body, the laser technology found in this Tria Beauty Hair is far more efficient and powerful. This laser technology helps to eliminate hair fast at the comfort of your home.

Tria is a beauty product manufacturer and it has soon spread its tentacles to other products, one of which is this hair removal device. There are other types of hair removal device manufactured by Tria, but right here we will be analyzing Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X Review.

Features And Design Of Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X runs on battery, which means you won’t have to think about struggling with its cords. It also has an LED display which is right on top of the device and also very close to the power button. It also has a skin tone sensor which is at the bottom corner of the handle of the device. With all these in place, the functionality and safety of this device is guaranteed.

LED controls and displays

The LED display is an important screen with which you can use to control your device. The screen of this display is protected by plastic. The working principle of this display is straight forward and easy to use.

When the device is locked, you will see a diagram of the Tria’s anatomy on the LED display. It will also show the battery power, the status of the skin tone sensor, and also the padlock icon.

On the other hand, it shows certain things on the display when the device is also unlocked. These include the level of the laser intensity, an icon of the battery status, and the pulse counter which starts its counting from zero. The device also has a user manual in which you will be able to estimate the number of pulses per unit body area.  With this estimation, you will be able to know how long you need to zap over the surface area of your skin.

Skin tone sensor & eye safety

Along with other displays on the LED screen, there is a skin sensor icon that tells you that the device is ready for use. If this icon is not on the display, that means the device is still locked.

The working mechanism of this skin tone sensor is quite astonishing. Before going ahead to do any other thing, you need to place the red light which is at the bottom corner of the handle against your skin. The skin sensor is located along this line and it helps detect if the device is suitable for your skin within a very short period of time. Perhaps, your skin is not suitable, it won’t unlock. If it is, it will give out a confirmation sound and it will unlock immediately.

When it comes to the safety of the eye, this device is safe to use and free from any sort of hazard. Despite the fact this device makes use of laser technology, you won’t experience any form of accidents. This aperture of this laser device won’t open unless it touches your skin.

5 intensity levels

Tria beauty hair removal laser device has 5 different intensity levels. Level 1 is the lowest intensity level and level 5 is the highest level. Pressing the power button of the device will automatically take you back to level one.

Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X is the most powerful home use laser hair removal device with an output power density of about 7-22 Joules per centimeter squared. Based on the technological prove that the higher the intensity the more effective the device, Tria is known to be better than any IPL device.

This is fascinating, isn’t it? Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X gives the best result within a very short period of time. However, you need to consider two different important factors which are the level of pain experienced and how fast it sweeps your skin. Regarding the level of pain experienced, it depends on the sensitivity of your skin.


Due to the intense treatment of Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X, it only covers about 0.5 CM of the skin with a single sweep. It also has a battery charge cycle which is about 300 in number. Each of these charges emits about 500 to 600 pulses at a time. With an opening aperture diameter of 5mm, you will have to repeat the process over a very short distance.

Full Body Treatments

Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X was designed in such a way that it allows you to use it on any part of the body. These areas include sensitive areas that are quite difficult to reach. This laser hair removal performs magic on areas like underarms, bikini lines, face, tummy, and full legs. The only negative thing about this device is that it requires patience and time.

This device offers a one year warranty, which means you won’t have to bother about replacing any damaged part for the next year. Sticking with a two weeks internal treatment will give you the result you desire before the warranty expires.

What You Will Find In The Box?

  • The Tria 4X laser hair removal device
  • The cable with which you will use to charge your device
  • An instructional booklet

The box of this device is very compact but attractive. The instructional manual is printed in several languages, so you don’t need to disturb yourself about the language barrier.

Introduction Of A Skin Test Patch

Tria manual recommend the use of skin test patch before going ahead to use the device. This method of enhancing the safety of its users is new and can’t be found in any other hair removal device. Here, the test patch recommends that you test each of the 5 energy levels that this device offers. This test will give you the opportunity to know the exact energy level that your body can tolerate without any adverse effect.

How to use your Tria Beauty hair removal laser 4X device

Before going ahead to use your Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X device, it is highly important for you to wait for about 24 hours. This will give you all the guaranty that you need that the energy level that suits your body during the test really suits your body after 24 hours.

If your skin shows no negative reaction after these 24 hours, you can then proceed with what I will be listing below:

  • Charge your device for complete two hours or more depending on when it is fully charged.
  • If the hair on the area you wish to treat on your skin is too long, you need to shave the hair off and then cleanse and dry.
  • Prepare a comfortable place where you can make use of your device without any external interruptions. Your bed very close to a mirror is perfect.
  • Unplug your device from the power source and unlock your skin using the skin sensor by bringing it close to the surface of your skin. And then use the power button to choose your energy level.
  • As your device heats up, you will hear the sound of a cooling fan right inside it. This sound is not irritating at all,  don’t allow that to bother you.
  • Unlike other devices, you won’t find a single light on the surface of your skin as you make use of it.


Tria beauty hair removal laser 4X device is a good hair removal device and it is readily available in the market. There are more features and benefits for you to unveil. All you need to do is get yours and enjoy what salons do offer at your home.

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