Phillips Satin Soft Epilator Reviews

Everyone experience something different when it comes to shaving. Although we all are humans, this particular routine feels different to everyone. Factors which brings about this differences include, differences in the types of hair, the sensitivity of the skin and minute things like skin tags all works together to influence what each and every one of us feels while shaving. Some people consider shaving as a very painful and discomforting act while others see it as a cool routine.

Removing those strand of hairs that we don’t want is a necessity. If this has to be done on a regular basis, I believe there is a need to step up your game and endure the pain the new device will bring to achieve better results. Squeezing out time from our busy schedule to shave over and over again is pointless. The simple answer to all your problem is to elipate instead of a shave.

Similar to another hair removal technique called waxing, an Epilator helps to get rid of multiple hairs all at the same time. It does this by holding them at once and ripping them off their roots. With an Epilator, you don’t have to bother about ripping off your skin along with your hair while shaving. At the same time, you don’t have to bother about sticky wax.

Philips Satin Soft Epilator represents the Lion in the jungle and it is changing the game of the hair removal industry. Right here in this review, we will show you basic reasons why this Epilator is one of the best devices that you can use to achieve what your heart desires when it comes to hair removal.

Philips HP6574-50

Based on the reviews gathered from the official Philips site and Several selling page on Amazon which were left by actual customers that bought this device, there are some pros and cons that every one of them kept talking about. These includes:

The Pros

  • Less pain compared to the pain felt using other brands of Epilators
  • Philips Satin Soft Epilator is faster than other devices they have used.
  • This device powers with or without a cord.
  • It has an exquisite design that permits firm hold when operating
  • It is very easy to travel with due to its small size.
  • It was designed in such a way to allow easy cleaning
  • The capacity of the battery is larger which makes to last long during epilation.

The Cons

  • The device is quite expensive.
  • First-time users experience more pain.
  • It does not support water usage.
  • For perfect result, patience is needed.

What You Will Find In Philips Satin Soft Epilator Box

Asides just buying the Epilator itself, there are other accessories that accompany this device. And you will find all these accessories in the box. To mention, we have:

  1. Philips Satin Soft Epilator.
  2. A shaving head, cleaning brush, and charger.
  3. A pair of trimming comb.
  4. Pivoting cap that serves as an active Massaging system.
  5. Smart tweezers that are illuminated and storage pouch.

General Design And Features Of Philips Satin Soft Epilator

Phillips Satin Soft Epilator has an exquisite design. It is a perfect combination of two cool colors champagne and white. It also has a travel bag that serves as a storage pouch for keeping the Epilator and its accessories. The simple and unique design of this Epilator along with its small weight which is approximately one pound enables it to reach areas that are considered as impossible areas to reach. The head has an ergonomic design which is curved in shape. This allows it to pivot on the surface of the skin to achieve desired results. You will also be able to pick every single strand of hairs with the help of the light beside the head of the Epilator.

Additional Attachments

Phillips Satin Soft Epilator is a simple device, you won’t have to bother yourself about how to make use of it when you get yours because everything is in place to help you out. There is a small button along the side of the Epilator that allows you to switch attachments. The fact that this Epilator allows the use of multiple attachments makes it suitable for all skin types. The main heads of this device are the shaver and the Epilators. With this in place, the choice is yours. You can either choose to attach a cap or those meant for massaging.

To improve the safety of this device, the epilating discs are made of ceramics and they are hypoallergenic in nature. This design of this epilating disc is safer than those made of metals. Based on the specifications directly from Philips, these epilating discs are with 32 pairs of ceramic coated tweezers. The epilating head of this device is waterproof which means you can wash it using the with and the cleaning brush found in the box.

If you choose to use this Epilator in certain areas that are sensitive, this Epilator is a perfect choice. It helps to remove unwanted hair just like a simple razor would do.

With this device, you can shave or trim certain areas that are sensitive such as, bikini lines and underarms. Everyone’s level of pain sensitivity is different, which is why the massaging accessories of this device is an important attachment. This messaging accessory helps to relieve this pain by massaging the skin. During this process, the skin is stimulated and soothed. Finally, you can also get rid of hairs that are lying flat on the skin with the hair lifter. This attachment vibrates the skin and makes the hair stand.

Other Accessories

Phillips Satin Soft Epilator tweezers are package in a luxurious form. You will find sets of tweezers packaged in a tube that looks that of a lipstick. Right inside this lipstick shaped tube are small mirrors and inbuilt lights. Asides its primary function, These tweezers can also be used to groom eyebrows.

With 40 minutes of battery life before a recharge is needed, you will be able to use this Epilator to epilate your skin in your comfort zone without finding a way to stay connected to a power source. Perhaps you wish to charge as you use, this device has a long cord that can be connected to a power source. The average charging time of this Epilator is one hour.

Does Epilating With Philips Satin Soft Epilator Hurts?

Telling you that epilating is fun and not painful is a complete lie. Epilating hurts and that is the candid truth. However, the best news I have for you is that it gets better with time, the level of pain experienced will reduce depending on individuals skin types, level of skin sensitivity and also level of pain tolerance. Quite a number of people have shared that using caps cause slight discomfort. The working mechanics of this Epilator is similar to that of waxing regarding the level of pain experienced. But the only difference is the catching plates that are 32 in number which rips out hair from the follicles of the skin. In as much you can withstand the pain of waxing, you will be able to stand that of Philips Satin Soft Epilator.

The level of pain that you are most likely to experience is directly related to the speed settings. There are two main speed settings on the device. If you are new to epilating, it is better you choose the low speed and progress to the next in due time.

Epilating requires patience, you shouldn’t expect a quick reduction in pain after a single use. Continuous use which should be about three to four times will make you stable to the process because your hair grows thinner the more you epilate.

Depending on the area you are epilating. On an average, you will be needing another epilation three to four weeks after each epilation.

When Do I Use My Philips Satin Soft Epilator?

Reading instruction manuals is not a norm for most users. As a result of this, they miss important information that they should have known.

The major disadvantage of misusing this device is that it causes ingrown hair and unnecessary pain. Although the possibility of a regular Epilator causing ingrown hair is very high, Philips Satin Soft Epilator has a ceramic head that prevents this issue.

The instruction of this device clearly states that exfoliating or taking a hot shower before going ahead to use your Epilator will make the process easier. And if you plan to epilate in the daytime, you should exfoliate a day before. Exfoliating your skin will open the pores of the skin and at the same time cleanse it. This helps to achieve a smooth and silky skin after epilating. This Epilator is not waterproof, therefore it shouldn’t be used until the shower stops running.

Massaging your skin with either a mild cream or body lotion will help keep your skin smooth and eliminate any form of irritation.


Maybe you have a general perspective about Epilators, you should try Philips Satin Soft Epilator. This device will take all your doubts away and give you a new look. This product is like no other, get yours and experience the very best of epilation.

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