Philips HP6520/70 Satin Soft Epilator Review

Shaving sensitive areas can be irritating and paingful, most especially when it is done without much focus. Do you wish to put an end to irritating and painful shaves? Then you need to check this out! Philips HP 6520/70 Epilator is a small electric hair remover that works the way as electric tweezers do. The major advantage that an Epilator has over a razor is that it helps to remove hair right from its roots. With this, the effects of each epilation last longer than that of a razor.

Philips HP6520/70 Satin Soft Epilator

Shaving is no fun at all, we all hate it and there is no single doubt about that. One has to do it over and over again to get the desired result, not to talk of the nicks and cuts which is the most painful part of it all. The use of an Epilator is a much cheaper option that lasts long if you are actually thinking of going out to get a wax job done. Speaking of which, the downside may sting aa little when using an Epilator, but never mind, it will become normal with time. Maybe you do grow hair at a very fast rate and using an epilator has never crossed your mind, you might want to consider using one. But not any kind of Epilator, it has to be Philips Hp6520/70 Epilator. Do you want to know why it is most recommended? Below Is a brief description of what it has to offer, the unique features that it has and what these unique features are capable of doing.

First of all, Philips HP6574-50 is an upgrade of the Philips Hp 6574/50 that was postponed.

Philips HP6574-50

This means it much higher performance and also quality. Speaking of which, this particular Epilator has a complete set of 21 tweezers, two-speed settings and at the same time, it also powered by corded AC adaptor.

Quick Review Of Philips HP 6520/70 Epilator

  • It has 2 years warranty
  • It has 21 hypoallergenictweezers
  • The design is sleek and very lightweight
  • Last for 30 minutes when used and it is cordless
  • It works for both wet and dry Epilation
  • The design allows it to be used below the neck
  • It has other accessories which include brush, exfoliation gloves and a storage bag.

The Design Of Philips HP6520/70 EPILATOR

Philips HP6520/70 Epilator has a body design that is covered with colourful flowers. The colours vary, so you get to choose that which suits you. This Epilator weighs 7.2 ounces and it is 1 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches in size, which means you can actually hold it swiftly in your hands as you use it to reach certain sensitive spots that are quite difficult for razors to reach. Spots like bikini lines, underarms and many more. On the other side of this Epilator, there are scary looking iron like teeth that look like torture devices but they aren’t. These teeth are called the tweezers and they are actually the functional parts of this Epilator. Philips HP6520/70 Epilator has a twitch for turning the device on and it is also used to regulate the speed to that which you desire.

The Tweezers

Tweezers are the most active part of Philips HP6520/70 Epilator and they are also the parts that come in contact with hair. Epilators with high numbers of tweezers are known to cause more pain. Although they do work faster, which is why they are best for a user with long time experience. In the case of Philips HP6520/70 Epilator, there are only 21 of this tweezers, which makes it a perfect choice for new users as well as old users that can’t bear the pain of Epilator with higher numbers of Tweezers.

Adjustable Speed System

Philips HP6520/70 Epilator comprises two speeds and this can be adjusted based on the part of the body to be used on and also the amount of hair. For the lower speed, it is advisable to use it on areas with less amount of hair and for spots that are more bonny. While on the other hand, the higher speed is used on areas with a larger surface of air.  

Battery Life

Philips HP6520/70 Epilator has durable batteries. When fully charged, it can last for more than 30 minutes when actively used. To charge this Epilator, an external cable is required and charging takes approximately 1hour.

Works For Both Wet and Dry Epilation

Philips HP6520/70 Epilator supports both wet and dry epilation. This is actually the only model that was manufactured this way. Although, the battery of this Epilator must be fully charged before making use of it in a shower. This is because more energy is consumed when it is being used on wet hair.

The Head

Philips HP6520/70 Epilator has massage attachment in its head which helps to massage your skin when using the Epilator. This process helps to keep the skin smooth by preventing pulling and also reducing the pain. The vibrating effects of the massage attachment also help to keep your skin smooth as silk by stimulating it.  The head also has an exfoliating brush which helps in the fight against in-growing hair.

What You Should Know About Using Philips HP 6520/70 Epilator

Epilation process is often described as a slightly painful need stab that goes on and on but finally reduces with time. To be clear as a spring water, that is exactly what it feels like to uses an Epilator. It is white unpleasant and painful as well. But as the saying goes “no pain, no gain” what you stand to gain on the long run is far more than the little pain that you are experiencing now. What this Philips HP6520/70 Epilator does is that it pulls out each strand of hair from its root with the help of the Tweezers. Although,  the massage accessories help to reduce the pain, it is still felt to some certain length. But with frequent usage of an Epilator, the roots of the hair begins to waken, therefore the pain will reduce with time.

To reduce the pain and make the process as a whole less painful, you can actually take a hot bath. This hot bath will help to reduce the pain by opening the hair follicles which will of no doubt makes the pulling a lot more easier and less painful.

The results of using an Epilator is more pronounced when the hair on your body is low. To achieve this, it is best you shave that part of your boy that you intend to use an Epilator on before using Philips HP6520/70 Epilator. This should be done two to three days before epilation. The rate at which hair grows differs in everybody. Thus, you need to be patient when you are actually using this product.

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