DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus Reviews

Hair removal devices took the beauty industry by storm, introducing new features with each new brand. In fact, this technological advancement in hair removal is a game changer. This success was not attained by a single company, it was a collective effort of several manufacturers of which DEESS is one the major game player.

DEESS is a company that specializes in personal beauty. When it comes to giving the best, you can count on them. This company has several products that have shaked the industry and brought landmark changes, one of which is this DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus that we are about to review.

DEESS permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is one of the perfect product of DEESS.  This company combined its 17 years experience of manufacturing beauty products and all their clinical research to manufacture this prefect piece. For this particular permanent hair removal device, DEESS deserves an applause. Based on the collected recent data, over 90% of ladies are delighted they chose DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus for their hair removal routine. This is to prove that this product is up to the task it was designed for.

Why you also need to choose DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus

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  • This device will put an end to your endless shavings, bleaching, plucking, razor bumps, pains of weekly waxing, skin irritation after using hair removal lotion and electrolysis.
  • This device will bring your salon to your home and stop from visiting dermatologist and salons on a regular basis.
  • This device is a perfect replacement for laser treatment if you can’t stand the pain of using a laser hair removal device.
  • DEESS Permanent Hair Removal device will help you to achieve an hairless skin at a very low cost because you won’t have to visit the salon on a regular basis.
  • This device will help you remove hair along your bikini lines in private, if you can’t afford to spread your legs for a total stranger to do that for you.

General description

BEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is a home use IPL device. This device is pain-free when compared to other IPL hair removal devices, all thanks to its exquisite design. It is smaller in size, consumes less time and cost effective.

This hair removal device has fast flash and a very large lamp window. If you are to use this device on your leg, it will take approximately 8 minutes. During this period of time, about 350,000 flashes will be emitted. For facial treatments, about 15,000 to 30,000 flashes will be emitted.

Treatment plan

The treatment plan of DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device is quite simple and straight forward. If you can try as much as possible to follow this plan, you will notice a landmark change within 12 weeks.

After the first treatment, which is after the first few weeks, the possibility that you will still see some hair on the surface of your skin. Ideally, it is impossible for you as the user to use this device to sweep all the spots on the area you treat. Therefore, some strands of will escape the treatment.

Towards the 12th week, you will notice a tremendous reduction in the growth of hair on the surface of your skin. Although, some strands of hair will still be notice after each treatment. At this stage, it’s essential for you to continue the treatment in order for you to be able to achieve maximum results.

After completing the first 12 weeks, the level of the hair growth on your skin will be on a minimal level. Continuous treatment will help you to achieve a permanent hair reduction, which is exactly what you want from the onset.

Features & details of DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus

BEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is a small device with a dimension of 9.8 x 8.1 x 3.8 inches. This device has an ergonomic design and it’s very light in weight, weighing about 2.25 pounds. Below are other features that you need to know about this permanent hair removal device.

1.) IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – Despite making use of IPL technology, this device has the approval of FDA.  With this technology in place, you will be able to experience exactly what is being offered in salons and spa at the comfort of your home. Moreover, it small size and ergonomic design will allow you to make use it the way you like.

2.) Expectations – If you follow the treatment plan stated above which is continuous treatment for a period of 3 months, this device will permanently remove 90% of the total hair of the treated areas.

3.) Fast flash  – BEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus has a flash device that emits flashes within a very short period of time. The amount of flashes emitted depends on the are being treated. Often times, it takes a longer period of time.

4.) Long life span – This device is not battery operated, it has a plug with which you connect it to a power source. It has has a 24 month warranty. This will give you all the time you need to make use of it  before finally getting your target result. Accompanying this device is a set of goggles that help protect your eyes from light reflections coming from the device itself. This device does not also need a gel to remove the unwanted hair on the body.

How to use DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus

  1. Kindly shave your hair if long before proceeding to use this device for hair removal treatments
  2. BEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is not a rechargeable, which means you have to plug it to a power source. You also have to wear the glasses to protect your eyes from flashes of light.
  3. To power this device, you have to hold the power button for about 3 seconds. When the device is active, it will continue to blink a red and green light.
  4. Immediately you power your device, the device will automatically set to a default energy level which is level. To adjust the level, you have to click the adjust button.
  5. To begin your hair removal treatment, you have to place the device vertically across the skin.
  6. Immediately you move it cost to your skin, a flash light will come up. This is to indicate that your device is ready for use.
  7. Finally, adjust the energy level until you find that which suits your skin and body system.

To achieve desired results, you will have to make use of this device on a weekly basis. And you will have to repeat it for this process for about 3 times each time you treat your skin.

Unlike razors and epilators, this device is not a instant hair removal device. Therefore, you will have to make use of this device over and over again. Patience is a virtue that you must have if you have to make use of this device. Before you begin to see remarkable changes, you must have used this device for more than 12 times in 3 months.

Is DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus suitable for me?

This device has an inbuilt sensor that helps to determine if a device is suitable for a particular skin type or not. If it good for a skin type, it will automatically on and it will proceed with that which you intend using it for. This device is suitable for a light brown, ivory, white and Beige skin colour. And unsuitable for Brown skin color..

How does IPL works on hair?

Unlike what we have in other hair removal devices, this IPL technology focuses on the hair follicle which happens to be the main root of hair growth. This root absorbs the pigment emitted by the IPL. In turn, this prevent the continuous growth of hair.

Where can  DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus be used?

This device can be used to remove hair on major parts of the body. These includes, bikini lines, arm pits, private parts, chin, upper part of the lips, legs, arms, sidebums and other parts. It is recommended you start from a lower energy level before proceeding to higher energy levels.

Final thoughts

BEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus is a powerful hair removal device and one of the best in the industry. The features are breathe taking and they are also fully packed with all that its users needs. This device is FDA approved, which means it has no adverse effect on the skin and the general well-being of an individual.

Gone are the days of repeated shavings just to look flawless. With this device you will be able to permanently get rid of those unwanted hair on  the surface of your skin. This device shouldn’t be found wanting in your closet.

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